A and A Telecommunication Engineering Services (Private) Limited
Advance Steel Structures (Private) Limited
Amernord & Mason (Private) Limited
A P I Agencies (Private) Limited
A P I Machinery (Private) Limited
A P I Technologies (Private) Limited
A P I Trades (Private) Limited
Asha Agencies Limited
Aussee Oats Milling (Private) Limited
Baguette (Private) Limited
Balmond Design (Private) Limited
Beyond Research (Private) Limited
C N Jay Associates (Private) Limited
C T Land Development PLC
Campion Hydro (Private) Limited
Cass Consultants (Private) Limited
Cass Lanka (Private) Limited
Centre for Technical excellence in Ceramics - CENTEC Limited
Centre for Equality and Justice (Guarantee) Limited
Cetina (Pvt) Ltd
Ceylon Chocolates Limited
Ceylon Pure Water (Private) Limited
Ceylon Seaweeds (Pvt) Ltd
C F A Society Sri Lanka
Chicos Holdings (Private) Limited
Chicos International (Private) Limited
Continew Events (Private) Limited
Crescendo Engineering (Private) Limited
Cyril Rodrigo Restaurants (Private) Limited
D & G International (Private) Limited
Damsila Exports (Private) Limited
Dew Paradise (Private) Limited
Eastern Minerals (Private) Limited
Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited
Explora Chemicals (Private) Limited
Explora Gases (Private) Limited
Financial Sector Management and Support Services (Private) Limited
Fokus Women
Fusion Shipping & Logistics (Pvt) Ltd
Geelong Holdings (Private) Limited
General Distribution Systems (Private) Limited
Generator Solutions Lanka (Private) Limited
Globeship Logistics (Private) Limited
Hakwatuna Oya Resorts (Private) Limited
Heron Agro Products (Private) Limited
International Centre for Ethnic Studies
I N K Investments (Private) Limited
Integrated Telecom Systems Management Services (Private) Limited
Iranama Properties (Private) Limited
Japlan Consumer (Private) Limited
Japlan Diagnostic (Private) Limited
Japlan Holdings (Private) Limited
Jayno Holdings (Private) Limited
J F S Holdings (Private) Limited
Keynes Investments Lanka (Private) Limited
Lanka Alzheimer's Foundation
Lanka Ammonia (Private) Limited
Lanka Energy International (Private) Limited
Lanka Energy Lubricants (Private) Limited
Lanka Shipping and Logistics (Private) Limited
Linear Design (Private) Limited
Linear Design (Private) Limited
Louvre Blind Products (Private) Limited
Ma’s Tropical Food Processing (Private) Limited
MAN Energy Solutions Lanka (Private) Limited
Mandalay Holdings (Private) Limited
Mandara Nuwara Estates (Private) Limited
Medihelp Holdings (Private) Limited
Medihelp Hospital (Private) Limited
Medihelp Hospital Piliyandala (Private) Limited
Meththa Rehabilitation Foundation (Guarantee) Limited
Neral Investments (Private) Limited
N P N Properties (Private) Limited
Ocean Gulf Lanka (Private) Limited
Oceanserve Lanka (Private) Limited
Odoc (Private) Limited
One Season Properties (Private) Limited
Orion Fund Management (Private) Limited
Ottobock Lanka (Private) Limited
Panthera Ventures (Private) Limited
Peace and Community Action
Perma Shipping Lanka (Private) Limited
Pership Aqua Products (Private) Limited
Pership B R J W Solutions Limited
Pership Holding (Private) Limited
Philip Health Care Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
P V Galle Properties (Private) Limited
P V Hilltop Holdings (Private) Limited
R A Cereals (Private) Limited
Ranmar Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
Redgate Lanka (Private) Limited
Sahanra Capital Corporation Limited
Sapthakanya Hydro Electric Company (Private) Limited
Sen Solutions (Private) Limited
Seneth Capital (Private) Limited
Simatech Agency Lanka (Private) Limited
Simatech Marine Lanka (Private) Limited
South Asians for Human Rights
Stages Theatre (Guarantee) Limited
Stan Travels (Private) Limited
Stay Vista Lanka (Private) Limited
Streamline Industries (Private) Limited
Superbox (Pvt) Ltd
Suwa Sevana Medi Care (Private) Limited
The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors
Trabeya (Private) Limited
The Good Practice Group
Thinaya (Private) Limited
Transparency International Sri Lanka
Trio Enterprises (Private) Limited
U C A Lanka (Private) Limited
Unifi Textiles Colombo (Private) Limited
Upali Consumer Products (Private) Limited
Upali Food and Beverages (Private) Limited
Upali Newspapers (Private) Limited
Upali Travels (Private) Limited
U.T.E. Setapi Ellipse Anamaduwa (Private) Limited
Weka Toys (Private) Limited
Wipra International (Private) Limited
Women and Media Collective